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The choice is yours

Depending on your individual financial goals and risk level, we offer three investment portfolios to choose from.

Moderate 50/50

A diversified investment portfolio aiming to generate moderate levels of income and capital growth with a focus on limiting downside risk.

Risk level

Suggested investment time​


5 years

Asset Allocation (Maximum %)

Balanced 70/30

A diversified investment portfolio aiming to generate medium to high levels of capital growth with a moderate allocation to defensive assets.

Risk level

Medium - high

Suggested investment time

6 years

Asset Allocation (Maximum %)

Growth 90/10

A diversified investment portfolio of predominantly growth investments aiming to generate high levels of return with minimal exposure to defensive assets.

Risk level

Suggested investment time


7 years

Asset Allocation (Maximum %)

Other information

Management fee 

Minimum initial investment

Indicative number of holdings

Indicative model portfolio turnover

Authorised investments

Investment strategy & approach

0.80% p.a.


15 - 30

15% p.a.

Managed Funds, ETF’s, LIC’s, LIT’s, ETMF’s and other ASX listed managed funds.

The macro-economic view drives how we allocate capital into a diverse portfolio of quality investments. A sound balance of investment styles is employed to capture returns. All active portfolio positions are assessed for Environmental, Social, and Governance considerations.

View our 5-step investment process.


  • How have the portfolios been selected?
    The Alliance Investment Committee has selected each portfolio to represent a specific strategy common across the Alliance Invest client base. Our aim is to offer a range of carefully considered portfolios that are accessible to all investors regardless of how much they have to invest. Each investment has been thoroughly researched and selected based upon risk return profiles, track record, cost, liquidity and performance versus its peer group.
  • Who is making the investment decisions?
    The Alliance Invest Committee meets at least quarterly to discuss macro and micro economic trends, review asset allocations and oversee the investment model portfolios to ensure they are optimised for risk and returns. Any refinements to the model portfolio are agreed upon at the meetings and implemented thereafter. The committee consists of three highly experienced investment professionals, who have vast knowledge and expertise.
  • How do I monitor my investments?
    The online portal and mobile app gives you complete control of your portfolio 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will also have access to a detailed breakdown of all the investments in your portfolio, how much they cost and what they're worth. Your Alliance Invest Team will handle all administration, transactions, reporting, record keeping, and legal compliance on your behalf. We’ll keep you updated on these changes and how investment markets a faring on a regular basis.
  • How will I stay up to date with market changes?
    The Alliance Invest Committee conducts formal quarterly meetings. At these meetings, the committee will review all model portfolios, including each individual component, asset allocation and portfolio weightings. The committee will also consider micro and macro-economic trends and data, global investment markets and political and regulatory changes. You will receive monthly investment reports that include our latest financial insights and updates on market trends and movements.
  • Why do I need professional investment management?
    People make better decisions when they have more information and more time to understand and react to that information. As an investor, you want to make the best possible decisions about what to do with your money. But this can take time, research and the capability to interpret data and monitor global trends that you might not have. An investment management team can use their expertise and resources to professionally research companies, share prices, economies, policies, and data from around the world. They can use their depth of information to make better investment decisions for your portfolio.
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