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About Alliance Invest

Our Story

Led by the belief that anyone can grow

Alliance Invest was started because, we wanted to create more accessible investment options for more Australians. We wanted to use our years of knowledge and experience to create a new investment pathway that delivered better risk- adjusted returns, that builds wealth in a smart and responsible way.

At Alliance Invest, we use strong processes that are smart, structured, pro-active and seek to create ‘all-weather’ portfolios that assess micro-economic conditions as well as the bigger picture, to deliver the best performing outcomes for our clients.

We understand that the decision to invest can be a daunting one. Creating a positive experience that is reliable, transparent and trustworthy, that brings confidence and peace-of-mind to our clients is at the core of everything we do. All our interactions and actions are done so with the highest levels of integrity and accountability.

We want to create a sense of pride for our investors, helping them to achieve their personal financial goals.


Our Mission

Alliance Invest’s mission is to provide professionally constructed multi-asset portfolios that enable investors to build their wealth over the medium to long term.


Our focus is on delivering a simplified, reliable and trusted service with performance that is backed by our strong process, in-depth knowledge and highly experienced team.

Meet our Investment Committee

Peter Davies

Committee Chair & Head of Research

Peter has worked in the financial services industry for over 35 years and has been providing personal financial advice for 20 years.


His experience includes over 20 years with a leading Trustee Services company where he held roles in Trust Administration, Trust Taxation, Superannuation, Portfolio Management, Funds Management, Marketing, and Profit Centre Management.


Peter continues to provide holistic personalised advice to a small and select group of clients. His unique client engagement style means he is able to have the hard conversations that need to be had in order to drive better client outcomes. He compliments this with his investment committee research work, responsibility and time as Chairman of the Symmetry Investment Committee.


Peter is a committed family man, keen hiker, handy fisherman and a keen but average surfer.


Brent Coxon

Research & Process Oversight

Brent has been involved in the Financial Services industry since 1998 and has provided wealth management services to private clients since 2004.  He focuses primarily on working with individuals and families to protect and grow their wealth.


After relevant roles he had developed and possessed the required skills to establish his own financial services firm, Symmetry Financial Group in 2005.


Brent was a founding committee member of the Self Managed Fund Professionals Association (SPAA) in Western Australia and is still an active member of SPAA.  Brent is actively involved in the development of strategy, investment advice and management of new and existing Self Managed Funds for clients.


Outside of work, Brent is a philanthropist, supporting local talent by guiding and funding start ups and assisting with their business progression.

Bruce Maloney

Macro & Asset Allocation

Bruce has over 40 years of experience in the investment and capital markets, working in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, covering areas including equities, fixed income and money markets.


Bruce has been advising the boards of industry and corporate superannuation funds, including APRA regulated funds, a number of financial planner / advisor groups, as well as larger private investment portfolios since 2003, regarding asset allocation, asset selection for diversified multi-sector and single sector investment portfolios.

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